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Helping Control and Nurture the Feral & Stray Cat Colonies of Niagara by Providing Shelter, Food, and Spay & Neuter

In 2014, we moved from Toronto to a small hobby farm in Fort Erie. Within the first six months, we had six cats who were abandoned or feral, literally come to our door. We knew our intentions of one day starting a cat sanctuary was sooner than expected.


Once we learned more about the lives of ferals, we felt it was the best area for us to focus on. 

Feral cats and abandoned animals live a life of starvation, and strugle to stay alive through harsh winters and summers. Female ferals especially, spend their whole lives being pregnant. Litter after litter of kittens, the cycle continues, and feral cat populations rise. At Imagine P.A.W.S., we hope to dramatically lower the numbers, by T.S.N.R. (Trap, Spay, Neuter, Return).  


We also find homes for cats and kittens that are able to adapt to indoor life, or who were abandoned, and not wild. 

Donating means keeping our projects moving forward. Your funds go completely to the benefit of the animals. We are a not-for-profit organization. 


Use our PayPal to send a monetary sum of your choosing.

Getting involved is a great way to invest your time in a positive way. You can visit the sanctuary and volunteer, as an individual or small group, or join with large humaine trappings of ferals. 


You can also get involved by spreading the word. Not just about us, but by learning the truth about ferals and educating others. We represent a NO KILL philosophy, and we hope you will spread that message too. 

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You can give in other ways, like,

Drop off donation items...

Bags of dry food

PC No Name Box of Litter

Rubbermaids with lids in good condition

Straw Bales

Gift cards to hardware stores

Clean towels or pet beds

Volunteering your time

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