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All about Imagine P.A.W.S. Not-for-Profit

We are based in Fort Erie, Ontario (Niagara Region). We are an hour from Toronto, ten minutes from Buffalo, NY, and fifteen minutes from Niagara Falls. Our location features a transformed barn and stable to accomodate shelter, supplies, and a beautiful place for ferals to live out their lives. With proper care, and controlling the local population with spay and neutering, cat collonies can be properly managed. The cats are not kept in cages, they roam free, knowing they always have their needs taken care of. We also currently are caring for two Berkshire pigs, possums, skunks, a horse, and pony. In the past we have rehabilitated squirrels, birds, and kittens. 


We are teamed up with animal advocacy groups in Toronto, all of which contribute differently, and work with us to rezone city feral cats to the rural lifestyle barn program. This gives them a safer (car free!) existence. 


As the sactuary grows, we hope to open our doors to other animals looking for a second chance. The cats started coming to our back door, and they truly inspired the beginning of this organization. We are a 100% vegan and cruelty free organization always willing to help. 

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