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Our Projects  

Our projects are in constant rotation, and include many roles. Trapping ferals for spay/neuter, socializing kitten litters and strays for adoption, and creating awareness to the cause. 

Trap, Neuter, Return

If allowed to mate freely, an un-spayed female kitty typically becomes pregnant up to three times per year. Each pregnancy produces litter sizes ranging between two and eight kittens. This means that just one female kitty can produce between six and 24 kittens in a single year. Once those kittens are only a FIVE months old, they continue the cycle.


The best way to truly control cat populations, is to catch them in the wild, and have them spayed or neutered, preventing further litters of kittens. This is our ongoing project, and your donations relate directly to those costs.

Food & Shelter

Canadian winters are not only tough on us humans, local wildlife do everything they can to survive. Providing a warm safe shelter with fresh food and water keeps cats out of the deep snow, and cold weather. Straw bales are also a great insulator to keep them warm.


Here at Imagine PAWS, we have a two story large barn that has been converted to accomodate many feral guests! To ensure we always have meals for them, your donations go directly to this cause. 


If you spot a cat in your backyard in need, contact us for information on what to do next. Putting out fresh water and dry food daily is a great start.

Sanctuary Maintenance 

Our start up costs of converting the barn we're very minimal. We salvaged wood and recycled construction materials, and with a few bales of straw, we we're ready for our first ferals.


However, to fully expand our outreach to more cats, we have a plan to create an outdoor extention to the barn, so cats can come and go freely in and out, without fear of predators. Having outdoor space also saves funds on litter costs, and makes the sanctuary's space that much more accomodating. 


Although we will have volunteers to construct it, we'd like to raise funds for materials to make this space come true! If you're interested in this project, you can volunteer as a builder when we're all ready to go.




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