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A Litter of Kittens, Born in the Wild

You hear about it all the time, especially in rural areas. That litter of kittens discovered in your backyard, or your friend, or neighbours. We found a litter of four kittens born in our barn earlier in the summer. After taking them in, feral kittens require cleaning and shots, and eventually a spay or neuter. More importantly, they require a lot of time and attention to be socialized for future adoption. Integrated early enough, feral kittens can be domesticated pets.

We were also successful in trapping the mother of the kittens, and giving her a spay and recovery within our shelter. She now returns to the barn for feeding, and lives a happy life, without the burden of contstant pregnancy.

The kittens are all now adopted, and remain together as a group. The time invested into them early helps them transition into amazing pets for a forever home.

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