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Berkshire Pigs Daisy and Roscoe

Here at Imagine P.A.W.S. we had the unique opportunity to extend our cat rescue resources to two wonderful, 300 lbs Berkshire pigs, Daisy and Roscoe.

We saw a facebook posting for a woman in need who was loosing her farm due to illness, and was relocating all of her animals she herself had rescued. As her looming move date came closer, we agreed to take the pigs on a temporary relief, to get them safe and taken care of during the search for their forever home.

To be honest, even though our make-shift enclosure which we constructed in the middle of December was a much better space from where they came from, it was created in haste due to the looming moving date. Daisy and Roscoe now had a large barn, and outdoor inclosure where they could root and even dig a "mud bath" for themselves. However, we knew that this could not be a forever home, as it was not a strong enough enclosure to house these massive and strong babes.

With partnership from Freshii restaurants in St. Catharines thanks to our partner Jody, we were supplied boxes full of weekly fresh scraps from the restaurant. The pigs were so happy, and healthy. We cannot thank Freshii enough for their contribution.

Finally, a young couple looking to expand their (vegan friendly!) hobby farm reached out to us, and arranged to have the pigs brought to their almost acre of a new enclosure! With the help of Michele and Clint from Grey's Haven Sanctuary, and our trailer driver Grant. by the grace of God we managed to get these enormous babes safely to their new home.

They are now happy as can be, living their best life. We are so grateful to Ben and Cass for embracing these gentle giants into their life.

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