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From Euthanasia to Loving Home: Taylor the "Feral" Cat

During my short time as an animal advocate, there is one clear skill that starts to develop from interacting with different cats. You begin to see traits and behaviors that tell you if a cat is feral (born in the wild), abandoned (stray), or just someone's outdoor cat snacking at the colony food station... Sometime's it is clear and obvious, but sometimes the potential of a cat is not seen until time, patience, and love enters the picture.

Taylor was brought to us from Vets Toronto, a charity that helps provide surgery for seriously injured animals, and financial aid to the owners who may not be able to afford it. Originally, he lived outside, being fed by a kind couple, who feared he may not last the winter. So, animal services was called in to trap him, and put him in a rescue program for adoption. However, sadly, these programs don't offer a lot of time for "less than ideal" cats, and Taylor was on the euthaniasia list to be destroyed. Luckily for him, Vets Toronto saw his kind eyes, and had him stay at their center for a hopeful adoption. Over a year had passed, and Taylor had no luck, and the cage was starting to get to his sanity. This is where Imagine PAWS stepped in.

Taylor was transported to Fort Erie to enter into our barn program, where we relocate feral cats from the city, to live out a safer country lifestyle, with shelter food and water, free to roam.

To our delight, soon after his relocation, Taylor grew more and more attached to us, and we could see that although he was quick to startle, he didn't have a mean bone in his body, and responded to our time and love with him. Many months of consistent sessions were spent to allow his comfort level to continue to grow.

We are so proud, and so happy to tell you that Taylor now is living in our house, he gets along with all of the house cats without a single hitch, and is loving the life he has been given. He is confident and extremely friendly, and we just love the goofy looks he gives us! Honestly, where he has come from and how he is living now reminds us every day of the power of love, and commitment, especially to the underdog- or the undercat! For those of you who have loved a feral cat, you know it's a beautifully unique experience, and each step forward feels like a victory. Good for you Taylor, we are so happy for you.

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