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It's not just cats: Kosha the Horse

As our sanctuary for feral cats grows, so does our interest in farm animals! Our paddock now is home to the wonderful ten year old Kosha! She is now confidently using the stables, which she was not used to living in previously, and roaming the grass fields whenever she pleases. She's got a lot of love around her, as the IMAGINE PAWS neighbours, who are a beautiful family of 7 daughters, are responsible for Kosha. These amazing girls at a young age are very aware of the ethical treatment of animals, and treat Kosha with the utmost respect. Due to her very friendly nature, perhaps Kosha can someday be part of a learning experience for visitors to the sanctuary, especially young children being taught the importance of treating animals with respect. Either way, we are just thrilled to have her here, and feed her lots of treats. The barn cats seem to like her too! Here are a few pics feeding her...


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