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"Lady" in Waiting

"Lady" was originally fostered by a friend of mine in Toronto. She was found outside lying in the snow, hungry, with patches of her hind legs bare from the frost she had endured. Lady remained in foster care until she could find a placement in the amazing rescue group NCWL Cat Rescue just outside of Hamilton. Through their aid, Lady was vetted, and put into an adoption program through the local PetsMart. Sadly, despite her sweet demeanour, her litter habits were less than ideal, and no one was into adopting her.

After a few months of trying, Lori of NCWL told me Lady was not doing very well, and that she felt the barn program Imagine P.A.W.S. offered would be a better fit for her, despite not being feral. So we drove out to grab lady, and bring her into our enclosure for her transition. Although her litter issues seemed non-existent for a while, she soon went back to her old ways. Trying many tactics between us and NCWL, I decided to try something new with Lady.

It's obvious that however she grew up in Toronto, she was left outside most of the time. Probably, to do her business, then come in to sleep at night. So, to give Lady more freedom and happiness, and encourage her to be a little "dog-like" in her habits, I've began harnessing her, and walking her around the property. She loves it! She is layed back, and doesn't try to get away, and just rolls in the grass. I'm hoping I she will get the hint and begin to use the great outdoors as her litterbox, and hopefully, I can find a family looking to adopt a dog-like-cat who is a super Lady... Here are some pics of her outside, and meeting our pony "Butterscotch" for the first time...

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